haebmau. ATELIER

Singular in its scope of services and abilities, haebmau. ATELIER combines sales and distribution with PR and communications - representing a break with the traditional communications model through the creation of a unique hybrid agency.

hA offers tailored brand strategies with services focusing on sales and distribution as well as PR and communications. The combination of these services underscores the ever-expanding definition of the modern atelier and clients’ desires to activate a growing number of services under one holistic strategy.

Based in both Paris and Berlin, hA will service clients globally through its deep understanding of key markets in Europe, Asia, the United States, and the Middle East. Operating out of the German capital affords a meaningful connection to one of the most influential creative communities in the world, while its Parisian presence via OBCM signifies knowledge, relationships, and decades of experience at the highest levels of the fashion industry.

 Roel de Cooman

Roel de Cooman, Vice President Global Sales

 Celine Kloetzer

Celine Kloetzer, Vice President Global Communications

 Olivier Bourgis

Olivier Bourgis, CEO & Founder OBCM Paris

 haebmau. ATELIER
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